They, unlike the Parliament, serve until the current Grand Duke is no longer on the throne. They have different responsibilities. However, in a constitutional monarchy like this, the Grand Duke is not above the law, even as Head of State.

The Rankings

There are 6 ranks, namely:

  1. Archduke
  2. Duke
  3. Marquess
  4. Count
  5. Viscount
  6. Baron

The Archduke

He/She is just like any other of the normal dukes/duchesses. However they have extra responsibilities:

  • Is the immediate regent if no regent is chosen
  • Successor to the Grand Duke if no successor is left

Remember, he is the eldest of he 3 dukes/duchesses. The current Archduke is Archduke Carlos Benitez.


There are 3 if you count the Archduke. They are not chosen on the Grand Duke's will. They are chosen by how they are related.

The eldest sibling, the eldest cousin on the father's side, and youngest cousin on the mother's side.

Their responsible for any law passing, edict, or reform in order to balance things and not make the Grand Duke overpowered. In reforms or edicts, one of them has to approve. However in law passing, they need to vote on it along with the...


They also vote along with the Dukes. The law needs a small majority of a 62.5% to be passed. This rank and below will be personally picked by the Grand Duke.


They do not interfere in national affairs. They govern counties. Therefore, this is the highest position in the local government.


This is self-explanatory. They are second to counts. This position, however, is optional and the Grand Duke does not need to place one in position but will only do so if he thinks it's best.


They are basically equivalent to board members in a Philippine province however their term is indefinite. This is the lowest position and is pretty much optional to place like the viscounts.

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