Enlisted Ranks

Rank Name Unit of Command No. of Commanded Troops Short name
Private N/A N/A E1
Private 2nd Class N/A N/A E2
Private 1st Class N/A N/A E3
Corporal/Specialist N/A N/A E4
Sergeant Squad 4 E5
Staff Sergeant Section 6 E6
Sergeant 1st Class Platoon 10 E7
Master Sergeant/1st Sergeant Company 12 E8
Serg. Major/Comm. Serg. Maj./Sergeant Major of The Army Battalion/Cohort/Division 18/20/26

Commissioned Officers

Rank Name Unit of Command No. of Commanded Troops Short Name
Low Lieut. Micro-Platoon 8 CO1
High Lieut. Platoon 10 CO2
Captain Company/Battery 12 CO3
Major Century 15 CO4
Primary Major Battalion 17 CO5
Colonel Cohort 20 CO5
Brigade Commander Brigade 22 CO6
Inferior General Legion 24 CO7
Superior General Division 26 CO8
Grand General Corps 30 CO9

These are the ranks and the actual highest rank is "The Noble Marshal" who is actually more in touch with the Grand Duke. He is elected by the army.

Those that hold these ranks:

Low Lieutenant:

  1. Zara Benitez


  1. Eric "Bilog" Espiritu

Brigade Commander:

  1. Darryl Espiritu

Inferior General:

  1. Dong Espiritu

The Noble Marshal:

The Grand Duke Jerard I is taking this position temporarily as only a rank of Colonel and above will allow them to be elected as The Noble Marshal

The Military Reform

However this was all changed when the "Military Reform" happened in which Jerard I changed it into something like the Romans.

Name Role Unit of Command Size of Unit Rank Number
Bigas Dux Commands a dimidium Dimidium 3 1
Hexanus Commands a contubernium Contubernium 6 2
Signifer and Aquilifer Flagbearer or standard bearer of the century(Signifer) or legion(Aquilifer) N/A N/A 2
Tesserarius Commands the camp's nighttime patrol N/A N/A 3
Optio Second in command to centurion N/A N/A 4
Centurion Commands a century Century 10 5
Centurio Auprin Commands a cohort Cohort 15 6
Primi Ordines Subordinate to Primis Pilus and commander of a Duplus(a century in a Geminus) Duplus 10 7
Primus Pilus Commands a geminus Geminus 20 8
Praefectus Castrorum In charge of the daily running of the legion and the camp N/A N/A 9
Secundi Second of command to the Legatus N/A N/A 10
Legatus Commands a legion Legion 25 11
Legati Excelsis Not a field officer and is part of Central Command N/A N/A 12
Marescallo Nobilis The highest officer in the army. Chosen by the Grand Duke from The LE's. The ENTIRE army Classified 13

Most well known officers:

  1. Optio Zara Benitez
  2. Centurion Eric Espiritu
  3. Primus Pilus Darryl Espiritu
  4. Legatus Dong Espiritu
  5. Marascallo Nobilis Grand Duke Jerard I (filling in the position)
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