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MAIN HEADLINE: Grand Duke reclaims powers

After hearing about tensions in the AoMC, Grand Duke Jerard I decides to end Carlos' temporary reign early. Soon, Carlos was returned to the role of Archduke. Jerard Checked the AoMC discord and found lots and lots of tension within it before Max I of Stinocolus was kicked from it.


Is Max really immature?

The Emperor of Stinocolus? Most LoMN members with high positions would call the emperor " immature and horrid brat." Grand Duke Jerard would disagree but he would call him too ambitious. Max of Stinocolus, although he is the emperor he does act a bit immature. That's not saying he's a bad leader but every time he intervened, he always caused tension. Whenever he's not declared ruler, he asks about having a joint rule. Take Isabelano Territory No. 1 as an example. He asked for a joint claim between Flario and Stinocolus. Jerard said no but made a Stinocolun deputy of the governor. Max even asked Jerard to make him and Luke of Nottingham joint leaders of AoMC. According to Archduke Carlos, "Max is a tad too ambitious and power hungry." He also seems to have this long feud between Archduke Caden of Pennsylvania. First he accuses him of declaring war first but he didn't declare war first. Then he gets mad at Carlos during his temporary rule because of joining LoMN in defending Pennsylvania. He even claimed micronations he doesn't even own. All in all he may be good in his own lands but in other lands he does act a bit immature.


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