The Flarian Parliament was made up of The Prime Minister, a cabinet of the three commissioners, the Minister of Military Advancement, Minister of Welfare, and Minister of Finance and Economy, three High Members of Parliament (HMP) and Low Members of Parliament (LMP) all of which having different responsibilities and levels of power.

Responsibilities and Powers

Prime Minister

The Prime Minister, as Head of Government, was second to the Grand Duke along with the Archduke. The Prime Minister was responsible for:

  • Creating laws (to be approved or vetoed by the Grand Duke);
  • Approving bills (to be approved or vetoed once more by the Grand Duke);
  • And starting debates for a certain reform.

The Cabinet

The cabinet is merely an advisory group advising the Prime Minister on certain things.

LMPs and HMPs

They both make bills to be passed to the Prime Minister and, if not vetoed, to be once again be passed to the Grand Duke. The HMPs however may start debates for reforms like the Prime Minister and can also have direct influence over Prime Minister at times.

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