The Kingdom of Lennystan

Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Official language(s) English
Demonym Lennystani
Government Authoritarian Military Junta
- King General Lenny
Established June 2015
Disestablished June or July 2015
Population 5

The Kingdom of Lennystan was founded in 2015 during a game between 5 kids on The Street.


During the summer holiday Lenny, Leo and 3 other kids were playing a sort of role play as leaders of a country (No one knew what a micronation was at the time) and soon a fully functional government was put in place.

The Park War

Soon the population did not trust one another so a skirmish broke out between many members. It lasted 1 day and in the end Lenny surrendered.

Dissolution and Legacy

In the end no one was interested in continuing Lennystan so it was dissolved. Only on May 2nd 2019 did Leopold remember this nation and due to it being forgotten it's culture has not had an effect on any other micronations.

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