The Liberty Coalition

This is an alliance for any micronation that is libertarian/left leaning in nature. To join, contact the leader- President Jonah Nichols (XYZeed) and ask him if it's okay. I hope you find this and are willing to join.

REQUIREMENTS: In order to join, you must be a left leaning libertarian nation, like mine (a democracy). That is the only requirement you need. If you do have some of these elements but have an intense monarchy or other authoritarian elements as well, then you can still join but only as an observer.


Name Leader Date Joined Membership Type Flag
1 Ticronvidian Protectorate of Wefren President Jonah Nichols July 14th, 2019 Leader
2 Nottingham-Stinocolun Empire Emperor Luke I and Max I July 29th, 2019 Observer
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