The Protestant Church of Istrians was created in the period of the Royal Era of Republic of Istria. This church is based on the monarchs wh are the representative of the main lords of the Kingdom. The two angeles(Angelos). "Angelos del Quatratos"(1) and "Angelos del Rocondos"(2).The two angels represent:1-The army(armetins), the power(poleris), the protector(protecturis); 2-the justice(gustid), the politics(polatic), the crown(la corona).

The Churches of this religion look difrent.In the front they have two thrones for the monarches wich are the representative of the Angels.(1st photo)The Pandenburgh Church in the front the two thrones with an altar for the monarchs(the two symboles of the monachs(the sun and the bird)(sun=House of Judges, bird=House of the Princepes).The Pandenburg Church was distroyed from a mystake.Now we have a Archiepiscopiis(Abbey)witch is named after this Church:Archieouscopiis Regalis Phandenburg.

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