The Province of Chi'in Pacha of Tahuantinsuyo is a province of the Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova.


The Inca were a nation that existed in the South American Andes region, and they created a great empire that extended from the south of Colombia to Chile and Argentina. This empire was called "Tahuantinsuyo," meaning "The Four Corners of the World." They were the creators of great works of art and culture that shaped the culture of the region for thousands of years. They remained, however, relatively isolated for many years, not passing even from the Stone Age.

When the Spanish Conquistadores came to the Americas, they basically dismantled the empire without a problem, albeit with much resistance. Although eventually the Inca people declared independence as the Republic of Peru and Plurinational State of Bolivia, they never again truly lived their own culture as it was lived anciently.

After many hundreds of years, when the king served as a missionary in the Republic of Peru, he learned about the history of the Inca and taught this to his people. A small group of citizens of the Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova wished to begin to practice what was understood by the king to be the value system of the Inca, and so the king granted a tract of land to them to become the Province of Chi'in Pacha of Tahuantinsuyo.


Although based on Inca values and governance, the province is governed by a council of representatives sent by each of the four districts of the province.

The Four Districts are named after the Four Corners of the Inca Empire:

  • Antisuyo
  • Contisuyo
  • Chinchasuyo
  • Collasuyo
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