The State of Zealand is a State Within inside the Empire of Geelong's Borders
The State of Zealand
National FlagThe State of Zealand

Maori 'Kia Kaha' English 'Stay Strong'
The State Anthem of Zealand
"God save the Pacific" (Instrumental)
New Zealand
Capital city Blenheim
Largest city Wellington
Official language(s) English Maori
Official religion(s) Christianity 98.8% Traditional Religion 2.8%
Short name Zealand
Demonym Islander
Government Parliamentary Democracy
- King and Queen King John Bampfield II Queen Ailsa Bampfield I
Legislature House of Representatives
- Number of seats - 87
- Last election - May 18, 2019 (Colonial Election)
Established August 3, 2019
Currency The Empire of Geelong Pound
Time zone Eastern Daylight Time
National sport Rugby
National dish Fish and Chips
National drink Wine
National animal Kiwi Bird
Patron saint None
Internet Domain .com


The State of Zealand Was a Colony of the Empire of Geelong. Then on August 3rd 2019. The State of Zealand Became a State


The Government of The State of Zealand is a Parliamentary Democracy. With Elections Held Every 3 Months.

A Picture of All 87 Electoral Districts is Down the Bottom of the Page

The State of Zealand Electoral Districts


The Leader is Yet to Be Decided

Head Of State

The Head of State is the Prime Minister Joseph Brosnahan's Grandparents. They are the King and Queen of the Empire of Geelong.

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