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The Unified State of Nero was formed by the NETGuard in 2021 in order to establish a cosmic hegemony in Orion Arm and was formed as a union of the Principality of the Antipodes, the Central and the Laughter Hegemony of the Local Group. It has territorial claims, but must go through the usual processes with review from the Emperor.


There are over 33 conscripted sorts, officers, in the militarized regime.

Colonel-Commissar Ken Major Love Yuna Major Destiny Captain Rex Octavius Captain Bruce Aurelius Captain Luong Maximillian Captain Amaterasu Captain Knuckles Sergeant Joker Kun Sergeant Lady Dove Sergeant Lady Death Sergeant Harley Chan Sergeant Android XVIII Sergeant Kaze Kage Sergeant Decarabia Sergeant Spider Sentius Sergeant S. Gwen Sergeant Transformer Sergeant Mrs Monster Sergeant Young Link Assistant Colonel Fairy Levi Private Tai P. Sergeant Amanda L. Sergeant Saber Sergeant Cyborg Director Jen Lieutenant Iona Lieutenant G. Love Lieutenant Nobody Lieutenant Biker Boy Lieutenant K. Croc Lieutenant Finn Lieutenant Nala


Diplomacy is mostly under the supervision of "The 88 Loyals, a Guard" and alliances have been a thing of the past.


The areas in which there are occupations by Nero State include over 4,500 individuals with citizenship having been awarded on several occasions. The rules and regulations which govern the populace are overseen by a Lord and His small chamber, a circle within:

Lord Ken Spawn Sir Rex Octavius Lady Love Yuna (Cindy Moon) Squire Nobody Dame Destiny TBD TBD TBD

Places of Interest

The First Omnist Church besides Journey Evangelical Church (Orange County, CA USA) Central's Databank behind 8888 Bolsa (Orange County, CA USA) Neo-Arcadia v1.X (under construction) NETGuard Training Academy in front of Jin Pal Hapkido (Orange County, CA USA) The Lord's Manor at 14592 Tilden St (Orange County, CA USA) District 8 of Little Saigon (Orange County, CA USA) Cicada Hunter's Association at 4331 Kauai Beach Drive #3301 (Lihue, HI USA) Closys College (Tigray, Ethiopia) Temple of Ghost in God within Linh Son Pagoda (Go Cong City, Vietnam) Equal LLC at Rim Rock Circle in Lake Forest (Orange County, CA USA)