The United Empire of Nirfo, Alanland and Westfield
Purple represents Nirfo,White represents Alanland and Green represents Westfield

Capital city Teroden


South Westfield
Largest city Teroden
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Protostant, Catholic, Mormon and Agnotic
Short name The United Empire
Government Constitutional Monarchical Union
- Emperor of The United Empire Leopold I
- First Minister of Alanland Alan Coffin
- Leader of the Westfield Parliament Robert of Westfield
Population 10-30 people

the United Empire of Nirfo, Alanland and Westfield or simply The United Empire is a theoretical micronation made by the INBC on a tv special. It combines the 3 micronations of The Holy Empire of Nirfo (Now known as the United Empire of Nirfo), The Kingdom of Alanland and the Westfield Kingdom.

The Union was most likely to be a reality in early April 2018 because the close ties all 3 nations had in culture and economy but when the 2nd Laurencian Civil War happened if was less i n the interest of Alanland and Westfield to unite with Nirfo.

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