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    Salutations, a while ago you asked a question about my country on the talk page of my micronation (Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T.) and I never did figure out how to respond to that (are you able to respond to things on the talk page?). Basically, it's a common misconception that the F.A.R.T. is a single party state, because until yesterday it didn't have a single political party, as rights to vote are not something that are usually exercised, for, let's say, various reasons. We did have the United Church of Communism, which was affiliated heavily with the Unofficial Communist Party of the F.A.R.T., which is why "Communism" was listed as the religion. It's basically the state-wide philosophy––and perhaps it's not really very wide, but the state wants it to be. Yesterday (27 December 2014) saw the founding of the first official political party, the National Nationalist Party, which has effectively replaced the Unofficial Communist Party. As such, a founding of the Church of National Nationalist Party is underway, which is a going to be used for brainwashing––what I mean to say is "ideological reeducation," as we call it. They're not particularly different from the previous unofficial party, just more official. I hope this answers the questions you had about my fabulous country, and I'm sorry for my belated response.

    –Representative from The Provisional Territories of the F.A.R.T.!

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