The Tie Commonwealth was created on August 31 , 2018 by Luke I and his friends, it is a tribe-like nation and is commonly called the Tie Squad.


Since it's creation, the Tie Commonwealth has been a leading power within the Denton Nations. On September 3, the Golden Vipers declared war on the Tie Commonwealth due to the fact that its founder Luke was a member of the Golden Vipers and quit to join the nation, this outraged the Golden Vipers. The Golden Vipers were swiftly defeated by the Tie Commonwealth after the Tie Commonwealth invaded its capital Tree City. The Tie Squad allied with Natalie's Squad and expanded its territory. During the months of November and December took part of the Golden Vipers Civil War and sided with the New Vipers, then allied with both the New Vipers and Natalie's Squad to form the Rebel Coalition and Invaded the Golden Viper's capital. After the war the Tie Squad went through its dark days: the leader resigned and all but two members left. After the Dark days, on January 15, 2019 the Tie Squad gained 5 new members fixing its Dark Days. On the same day the members who quit defected to the Golden Vipers, causing the ESB Affair. On January 16, the Tie Squad in result of the problem, declared war on the Golden Vipers: the first act of the war, was the ordering of an invasion of the Golden Viper's biggest territory: The Pit. On January 18, 2019 after the failed Siege of the Pit, Luke and Shay(Who had defected back to the Tie Squad) were arrested for war crimes, Luke and Shay immediatly escaped and raised an army. The war is currently ongoing.

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