Tina, Duchess of Ionfo
Duchess of Ionfo
Reign in office:
7th June 2018 - February 1st 2019
Predecessor N/A
Successor Lady Marie of Ionfo (Pretender)
Citizenship British

(And Nirfoese)

Nationality Nirfoese
Ethnicity White
Domestic partner St Brian (1976-1984)

Grahame (since 2015)

Children General Richard of Nirfo
Religion Atheist
Duchess Tina of Ionfo is the Duchess of Ionfo and the first to hold such a title, and her relatives would have inherite the land.


After hearing of the dissolution of The United Empire of Nirfo the Duchess made the decision to abdicate her office of Duchess of Ionfo and to sit out and watch what will happen.


Even know the 2nd United Empire of Nirfo had gained control from the Provisional Commonwealth of Nirfo, Tina decided to continue retirement.

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