The Uateden Military began on August 25th, 2016. Currently it has 4 people within it, although at one point it had 12 people when Uatederstali had a population of 35.


The Uateden Military, is lead by the President of the United Confederate States of Uatederstali. Even if he has no political or military experience, he will still become the Commander in Chief. The Second in Command is the Military Marshal of Uatederstali, who partakes in battles.

The Three Third in Commands are the leaders of the other branches.


A private in the Army can earn up to 20,345 Omegas a year, whereas the Marshal of the Military earns 25,567 Omegas a month.


The largest branch, is the Army. Followed by the Marine Corps, then the Airforce.

However, this is subjective and causes you to believe that the Airforce is the smallest. While by number of people, it is, by equipment it is not. The branch is entirely made up of drones, some weaponized, some used to gather intel, so only a camera.


The Army is the largest, with three people, although they all also receive Marine Training.


Strategy Division: This division is what is sounds like, they devise strategies.

Mercy Division: This division is the division which surrenders when the battle is lost.

Victory Division: This the fighting Division, which is hence the name, since Uatederstali has never lost a battle.

Division of Domestic Defense (DDD): This division is responsible for the defense of the people.



Intel Division: The division is responsible for gathering intel, and the drones are less weaponized.

Weapon Division: This division fights the battles using the intel.

Marine Corps:


Camouflage Division: This division, is what the name suggests. They camouflage.

Sniper Division: This division is the sniping division.


At the moment, there has only been one war, including the Presian Civil War, which caused the dismantling of Presia and the foundation of Uatederstali.


The Vertex is a building, containing the office for every political leader in the country, including the military, however excluding the Party leaders. This is also where the training for initiates occurs.

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