Union of Vlasynian States
Vl8.png (Vlasynian)
Uniunea Statelor Vlasiniene (Romanian)
Unión de Estados Vlasinianos (Spanish)
Bashkimi i Shteteve Vlasiniane (Albanian)
U.V.L Flag.png
Vlasiu Dinasty Emblem 3.0.png

"Our nation" (National anthem of Vlasynia)
U.V.S Members Residence.jpg Nations where U.V.S member states reside.
U.V.S Member States Map.png The U.V.S and all of its member states; Vlasynia is shown in yellow (its territories outside of Bucharest and the Ilfov County are not shown); The Vercian Republic is shown in green; The City State of Vessina is shown in blue; Romania in Sarandë is shown in red (not to scale).
Largest city Unknown
Official language(s) Vlasynian, Romanian, Latin, Spanish, Albanian
Official religion(s) Orthodox
Demonym Divellian
Government None (Voluntary Association)
- Secretary General 2019-Present Denis I
Established -Established:
July 20, 2019/100 A.G.U
Area claimed 23.4811 km2
9.066103 sq mi
Population Unknown
Currency Vlasynian Leu (Unofficial)
Romanian Leu (Official)
Vessina Pound (Legal tender but not often used; Regularly used only in Vessina)
Time zone VST (UTC+1:30)
Summer (DST): VDST (UTC+2:30)
Patron saint St. Andrew
Internet Domain .dv (Proposed)

The Union of Vlasynian States was a political association of 3 member states, comprised of the Despotate of Vlasynia, all of its client states, as well as the independent states that are politically associated with her. It was founded on 20 July 2019/100 A.G.U, having succeeded the Divellian Union

On 10 January 2021 it was replaced by the Commonwealth of Vlasynian Nations and Domains.



In mid-July 2019, Vlasynian Despot Denis I wished to better reorganize his dependent territories, so they would more accurately depict his actual authority over them. Even though he had 2 junior partners, in the form of the Kingdom of North-East Bucharest and the Grand Principality of Paque, he held virtually no authority over such vast and densely-populated areas. So on 20 July 2019/100 A.G.U, he united the aforementioned states into one, that became the Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest (or the Protectorate, for short), a semi-independent protectorate of Vlasynia which was also in a personal union under her, with Despot Denis I ruling over it as "Lord Protector in Bucharest" (Romanian: Lord Protector în Bucureşti). Immediately after that, Denis dissolved the Divellian Union and replaced it with an organization/political association, bearing the name: "Union of Vlasynian States". Vlasynia and the Protectorate were the first 2 member states to join the Union.

Additional members

On 23 July 2019/100 A.G.U, the Divellian Republic of Didoras (Romanian: Republica Diveliană Didoras), a micronation in Bucharest that was independent, but politically associated with Vlasynia, joined the Union as its third member.

On 24 July 2019/100 A.G.U, the Kingdom of Romania in Sarandë (Romanian: Regatul României în Saranda) (Albanian: Mbretëria e Rumanisë në Sarandë) was proclaimed by Denis and he assumed the title: "King of Romania in Sarandë" (Romanian: Rege al României în Saranda), thus gaining another personal union. It automatically joined the Union as its fourth member.

On 23 August 2019/100 A.G.U, the Vercian Republic (Romanian: Republica Verciană), another independent micronation in Bucharest, joined the Union as its fifth member.

On 09 September 2019/100 AGU, Didoras merged with the Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest and thus it was disestablished as a whole. On the same day, the aforementioned Protectorate was dissolved, as well, ending its membership within the U.V.S.

On 09 December 2019/101 AGU, the City State of Vessina, having gained independence 5 days prior, joined the U.V.S as its latest member.

It was dissolved on 10 January 2021 and replaced by the Commonwealth of Vlasynian Nations and Domains.


Former members

  • Didoras.png Divellian Republic of Didoras (Independent) - Joined on July 23 2019; Was dissolved on 09 September 2019.
  • Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest Flag.png Vlasynian Protectorate in Bucharest (Protectorate and dependency) - Joined on July 20 2019 with Vlasynia; Was disestablished on 09 September 2019.
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