The United Entente (Entente, Micronational Allies, and Quadruple Entente) was an alliance between the Laurencian National Republic, the Usmax Federation, Micro-Italy and the Domain of Xospieca. It was officially established 15 March 2018 shortly after Usmax reformed its government and positive relations with Laurencia and Xospieca. The Entente was formed to uphold the ultimate alliance among Missourian Microstates.

The Entente was disestablished on 23 June 2018 after all member states were united as a nation.

Terms of the Entente

  • The members of the Entente are never to invade a foreign power without legit justification and proof of the alleged justification.
  • Each member of the Entente must agree on major decisions such as declaring war, accepting a member, or reforming a term.
  • No members of the Entente can declare war on nations within the LoMN, MUNCSASS, or the Entente without first being attacked or threatened.
  • Peace first, war after.
  • The nations of the Entente must not interfere in the affairs of other members regarding what goes on within their own country's borders.
  • The maximum of nuclear weapons Entente nations may possess is one. It is only to be used as a last measure against an enemy of pure evil.
  • Members of the Entente must agree on the threat of Marxism and Fascism. However members of the Entente may have positive relations with socialist states (Laurencia with Romdura for example).
  • No member state holds more power than the other.

Flag of the Entente

Banner of the United Entente

Official banner representing the members of the Entente

Green - Loyalty

Blue - Peace

Star - Unity

Entente flag waving

First raising and waving of the Entente's banner (circa 2018)

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