On March 13 2014 the United Imperial Empire was founded, later Charles II was crowned Emperor by his parliament with a document called "Crowning of Charles II". The Empire is made out of 4 Archuchies, 1 Imperuim, 3 Territories.


Archduchy of Pennsylvania

Archduchy of Quebec

Archduchy of the Great Lakes

Archduchy of Cascadia

Frankish Imperuim

New Spain

New Granda

Adhskimi Territory


most of the mines are located in the Archduchy of Pennsylvania with six mines mainly located in Adrain Mines which the Archduchy of PA has made a total of fifteen USD off of.

Diplomatic Relations

The United Imperial Empire is part of the League of Micronations.

1 of it's Archduchies is part of the AoMN.

the UIE is a former member of the North-Western Alliance.

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