The United Micronations was an organisation formed by Stenall planning to unite all Micronations. It was dissolved on the 15 June 2019 but reestablished on 25 July.


  • Have a population of AT LEAST 5.
  • Do Not Be a Fraudulent Nation. (Fraudulent - unjustifiably claiming or being credited with particular accomplishments or qualities. )

Member States

Nation Leader Parent Country Government


Stenallian-Strankisvanian Kingdom Max I, King of Stenall and Co-King Jonah Nichols United States/ United Kingdom Constitutional Monarchy
PaLsian Federation Supreme Yobi Smae United Kingdom Republic
Nottingham Empire Emperor Luke I United States Constitutional monarchy
Ramoland Cosmin I Romania Absolute monarchy
Yugoslavia President Cosmin Republic
Libertia Unknown
Nationalist Freedom Republic Nikodemus Finland
Molco (1) Zerorius Hiruko, President of Molco

(2) Shinse Mushinnami, Emperor of all Federation

Thailand (de facto) Federal , semi-direct democracy , Directorial Republic, Constitutional Monarchy
Misaka Emperor Jake I Japan Absolute Monarchy
Tyleria Tyler I, First King of Tyleria United Kingdom
Elswicksia Marshall Suicide United States Socialist Republic
Walrusland Mursuvaari Finland Republic
The Pacific Ducie Republic None United States
Republic Of Northway Miles I United Kingdom Constitutional Monarchy
Republic of Feathers and Gills Darya Agarkova United States Republic
2nd Kingdom of Ticronvidia King Johannes Absolute Monarchy
The United Kingdom of Yorkshire King Thomas I United Kingdom
The Republic of the Kingdom of Ya'akova King Jacob I United States
Alimia Boniface I, Grand Duke of Alimia Mexico Constitutional monarchy
Democratic Provinces of Wefren Jonah Nichols United States Republic
Republic Of Long Island President L
Empire of Kochi Joseph Anithanam
Flandras Raolin Chamberstar United Kingdom Constitutional monarchy
British Empire George I


Secretary General: Max I

Minister of Foreign Relations: King Johannes of Ticronvidia

Minister of the Economy: President Jonah Nichols of Wefren

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