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USM or United States of Molco is initial rump state of Molco , after Falling Federal Referendum in 11-12 April 2019. Zerorius , former President of Molco, established to United States of Molco and gathering some member of the country to a citizen.
United States of Molco
Vereinigten Staaten von Molco (Apr-May 2019)
Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia
Groß Durchlauchtigste Reich der Bundestopia
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Bandicam 2018-07-22 18-53-14-383Molcocrest

แด่สหพันธ์ เพื่ออนาคต (For Federation For Future)
Capital city New Washington Molco District (New Washington M.D.)
Largest city New Washington Molco District (New Washington M.D.)
Official language(s) none (Federal level)
Short name USM
Demonym Molcian
Government Federal Presidential Despotism Republic
- Führer of USM Zerorius Hiruko
Legislature United States Assembly
- Type - Unicameral
- Last election - none
Established 12 April 2019
Time zone GMT+7 (de facto)

Last of Molco and Rebirth of Molco

After resigning of last Emperor of Molco , President is confusing because don't have anyone help him for managing Molco and SFC. President announced "Falling Federation Referendum and Rebirth of Molco 2019" and people's referendum result want to seized power and re-established group again.

New Era

When Molco Federation is already fallen, Molco Federation Era for counting year in Molco is cancelled and established new era name is "Rebirth Era (R.E.)"

Congress of USM

see also 1st National Congress of Coalition Republic of Izoroku-Molco

15 Days Government

29th April, President of USM demanded new position of head of state instead President of USM "Führer of the United States of Molco".


After the 15 days government of USM. Fuhrer announced the new name of USM is Greater Serene Realm of Bundestopia.

Military Commander

Izoroku Branch Bundestopia Branch Cabinet
Sunny Neve Zerorius Hiruko 1st Congress

Permanent Act of Dissolve and Succession of state

When 1 August 2019 (following by GMT+7 and Gregorian Calendar) Zerorius, Fuhrer of Molco is announced Act of Dissolve and Succession by Izoroku Headquarter is going to become the official successor state and Fuhrer of Molco become to Chairman of Executive Office of Izoroku Headquarter instead of Fuhrer of Molco.

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