The University of Bakerland, established on October 27, 2018, is the sole university of the Republic of Bakerland. It contains a small campus in the Bakerland Federal District but serves is population well. Courses vary in length and several types of degrees are offered.


The Univeristy was established on October 27, 2018, by Executive Order #002. There isn’t much to its history yet.


Department of Social Sciences

This department consists of the bulk of classes, with the following courses offered:

US Government and Politics (All)

Political Science (All)

Economics (I)

Bakerland Government and Politics (All)

Modern History (All)

Bakerland Studies (All)

Law (I, S, E)

Transportation planning (All)

New England Sports (I, S, E)

Global Sports (All)

Vermont Skiing (All)

Math Department

This department contains all subjects related to mathematics:

Arithmetic (I, S, E)


Natural Science Department

This department contains all subjects related to science tought in American High schools.

Flex Seal Studies (All)

Integrated Science (I, S)

Digital Architecture (All)

Bakerland Physics (All)

Astronomy (I)

Weather and Meteorology (All)


Introductory Degree (I)

An introductory degree means that the student has achieved a basic understanding of the subject.

Standard Degree (S)

The most common degree and is compared to a bachelors degree.

Degree of Excellence (E)

The student has gone above and beyond the requirements of a Standard Degree and has made profound achievements in the subject by completing work more challenging then a degree of Excellence. (Prerequisite: Standard Degree)

Doctorate Degree (Dr)

This is the highest level of education in Bakerland. The Doctorate Degree is completed after work longer and more challenging than that of a Degree of Excellence. A graduating student must create a thesis. The graduate will also receive the title of ”Doctor” in the subject. (Prerequisite: Standard Degree)

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