MicroNations Fandom

I joined the MicroWiki in December 2017, I have been the Emperor of Nirfo ever since. If often wonder what became of the nations who also existed at that point, I reckon they realized they were wasting their time on here lol. But in retrospect I am glad that I spent time on here, making memories with people with similar interests to my own. Even though there was drama, whether it be Micronational Wars, Page Deletions or Alliances, I think thats what made the Wiki (And later the Fandom) so great. As a content mod I have had a opportunity gifted to me by Austenasia to save pages of Micronations and try preserve the history of this wiki, something I felt passionate about, since that same history is what I have looked over today in my messages. I hope to one day become a Admin on this site, as I know that Austenasia is much more active on the other MicroWiki and as Sabovia is very inactive (Even more then myself). I digress, I hope to continue to work on this fandom every so often, If you are a mod/admin (Ples gib me admin) and if you are a normal or new micronationalist then feel very welcome to drop me a message!

Kind Regards,

Emperor Leopold I of Nirfo

February 23rd 2021