This event happened when governors were leaving and getting kicked for bad reasons, this may bring upon a long going crisis that may or may not abolish the republic or even the whole micronation, the first governer who left was prime minister Andrew John Snowy for throwing ice rocks at the new prime minister, Walter Talberg, which left because he thought that independence, autonomy or even micronationalism for Valdenya was the worst idea ever, next was Dominik Mark Lenert, who left due to Valdenya being a bad idea, now the government is left with 2 governors, President James Birnbaum and Minister Danielle Sproge, who even has the pressure to leave, with leaving of Danielle Sproge, Valdenya might be no more. Finally, after 2 months of crisis, Danielle Sproge has left with the breakup of James Birnbaum and Danielle Sproge, the last words of Valdenya were : "May glory and shining future be brought upon the generations to come." ending the chapter of Valdenya in the city of Valdemarpils, the abolishment document is being written, but a change of mind might happen for the nation.

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