Vortani is the capital city of Flario. It is part of Eltino County. Vortani has 5 residents, 2 of which are dogs. This wasn't the

capital before. It was merely called the capital back then because Vortani Palace, The Grand Duke's residence, was being built there. The old capital was West Estragon because Grand Duke Jerard I, formerly dictator of Flario, lived there.


Vortani has only 2 landmarks:

Vortani Palace

3 stories high, Vortani is the tallest building in Flario if you disregard Stadt von Omar Villa, which was unfortunately caught on fire in June 2019. Vortani palace is home to the Grand Duke and consists of 4 bathrooms, 4 bedrooms (The Grand Duke's private quarters, Duchess Zara's room, Countess Menchie's room, and a guest's bedroom), a guest's living room, a dining room with 8 chairs (main table has 6 chairs, second table has 2) a living room in the second floor, a library and the Court in the 3rd floor. But unlike Stadt von Omar Villa, it doesn't have as much security because of the lack of CCTV's which is pretty ironic as it houses the Flarian Leader and not the Chief Praetor.

Vortani Garden

This is the garden of Jerard I. However because of not watering everyday, a few of the plants have dried up and died. He's now taking full responsibility and starts watering the plants everyday.

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