The Republic of Wabashia is a small nation enclave in the United States of America. The nation is known for it's economically libertarian values but socially conservative stances. It's sometimes mockingly called a "Republicans wet Dream".Template:Micronations Information


The name Wabashia is a derivative of the word Wabash as in the river, and ia as in the name Bohemia. The origin of this word was first used in an Indiana high school on Sep 7, 2016 as a way of protesting high taxes and an assumed impending Hillary Clinton victory.


The nation was originally started as a protest to high taxes and overbearing federal regulation and a perceived threat from a Hillary Clinton presidency. The date of deceleration was announced on September 7, 2016 and with this the nation was born. The nation still thrives on fear of an impending blue wave and the likely liberal policies that would follow.


The nation is a constitutional monarchy with a king serving as the leading policymaker (under the guidelines of the constitution), and leader of the armed forces. The position of the king is a lifetime position, while the PM and Diplomatic Minister are elected officials. The two elected officials serve 1-year terms with no limit on the terms served. These positions are elected by the people's house, a constituency-based parliament made up of 11 seats. The parliament is elected every 6 months with no limit on the times served. The high court is a 3 seat judicial council that debates the policies brought by the king and the enforcement of those policies on the citizens. The high court is selected by the king but, must pass a majority vote in parliament.

Foreign Relations

United States of America -does not recognize the Republic of Wabashia as a sovereign state.

Liberland - minor contact has been established with Liberland but no formal relations have begun.

Molossia - minor contact with Molossia but no formal relations have begun

Relations with Indiana - a informal relationship continues without a problem trade is frequent and common.

Democratic Republic of Laurencia - Formal relations have begun with the republic of Laurencia for a peaceful and prosperous alliance.

The Republic of Wabashia is a member of the Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations

The Republic of Wabashia is a member of The anti-socialist Micronational Organization (or TASMO)

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