Republic of Walrusland or only Walrusland (finnish Mursumaa) is a micro-state in Finland. Walrusland's capital is Kioki. Walrusland's official languages are finnish, english and walrus language. Walrusland's area is 11,3 square kilometres. Walrusland's president is Mursuvaari. In Walrusland live 19 peoples and 70 animals.
Walrusland's flag

Walrusland's flag

Walrusland's coat of arms

Walrusland's coat of arms


Walrusland's president Mursuvaari


Walrusland founded 12th August 2018. It join in UIM (Union of Independent Micro-States), finnish Itsenäisten mikrovaltioiden liitto) 10th January 2019.

Cities and municipalitys

  • In Finnish and in english
  • Kioki (in walrus language, in english Dog City). Population: 2 people and 43 animals.
  • Pöllömetsä (Owl Forest)
  • Majavakylä (Beaver Village)
  • Oravakylä (Squirrel Village)
  • Poropukki (Reindeer Village)
  • Eteläkylä (South Village). Population: 5 people
  • Junakylä (Train Village) Population: 1 people
  • Pallola (Ball Village) Population: 2 people, 1 animal
  • Ankkakylä (Duck Village) Population: 1 people
  • Jokikylä (River Village)
  • Peltometsä (Field Forest)

Here's not all cities and municipalitys.

National Symbols

Walrusland's flag is the most important national symbol in Walrusland. It colours are blue and green.

Other national symbols are Walrusland's coat of arms, anthem Oh Walrusland (finnish Oi Mursumaa, walrus language Aa Wallanti).


Walrusland's currency is Walrusland's Sadi. 100 sadi is as big as 1 euro. Walrusland make it Sadi-moneys in Sadi-Factory. Official currencies are sadi and euro.

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