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West Virginia, officially The United Counties of West Virginia, is a democratic republic located in the United States, namely West Virginia (Hence the name), created by President Suicide on January 21st, 2018. The micronation can, if someone so wants to, be seen as a West Virginian secession movement of some sort, though it mostly exists for fun and as a project.

West Virginian Politics

West Virginian politics can get confusing to really define with one word. Is West Virginia socialist or capitalist, conservative or liberal? Well, (Currently) it’s really a sort of mixture between the two. The West Virginian government provides many things just like a socialist government, such as housing, healthcare, education, and electricity, for free, and the government owns some of the industry, though most is privately owned. This will be further explained later. But for now, let’s get into..

Social Politics

West Virginian social politics are a small mixture between conservative and liberal, conservative being the dominant side. West Virginia endorses Christianity though allows freedom of religion, and also allows the owning of firearms, same-sex marriage, the mixture of races in public, freedom of speech, and immigration.

Economic Politics

This is where the politics get confusing. The West Virginian government owns some of the industry, which may get it considered as “Socialist”, though most of its industry is private. The West Virginian currency, the West Virginian dollar, is at the same value as the US’s. West Virginia has an established minimum wage at $8.35 West Virginian Dollar.

Political Parties

Party Name Ideology Leader Established Date
West Virginia United Conservatism Suicide


January 21st, 2018
Worker’s Party of WV Communism None February 13th, 2018
Liberal Party of WV Liberalism None January 21st, 2018
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