Island Nation of Zimea

Atlantic Ocean near Africa
Capital city Zimea State Capital
Official language(s) New & Old Zimeisch
Official religion(s) none (atheism)
Short name Zimea
Demonym Zimean
Government Special Democracy
- Jonah F. President
Established 05.2018
Area claimed 'Island' in the East Atlantic
Population 1 (1 with limited citizenship)
Currency Currently none
Time zone UTC -9
National sport E-Sports
National dish none
National animal none
Internet Domain .zi

Zimea [Zi meh a] is a micro island nation in the Atlantic Ocean with an estimated scope of ~9.9km and an area of ~4km². The island has't been constructed yet.

Infrastructure & Ownership

Zimea is planned to be powered by 100% Green Energy and will have some of the best internet services in the Pacific Ocean, excluding Hawaii.


The only airport in Zimea operates two flights per week, with the primary port receiving two shipments of mail, goods and people per month.


The educational system is mainly focused on skilled trade so that children can choose all their lessons from the 6th grade up. (With exceptions if they need to improve in the main subjects)

Property Ownership

Citizens are entitled to complete control and ownership of their property, with absolutely no government control or guidelines. [1]

Imports & Exports

Zimea is projected to be heavily dependent on imports from foreign nations. The only expected exports will be salt, software, and smaller, handmade goods.


The national language of Zimea is Zimeisch [Zi me-isch], which will be spoken by most citizens. German and English are also recognized languages, but not official.


Zimea uses a monarchy like system for the president.

If the current president dies or wants to step down from office the nearest relatives or a from the former president selected person will be asked if they want to go in office, If more then one person agrees the people get to elect their next president. If none of them agrees citizens can put themselves up for election.

All other offices are elected by the citizens.


Elections for parliament will be held every 5 years where the citizen can elect parties created by other citizen. These Parties fall under different categories like Infrastructure, Religion, Ideology, Laws, Education or General.

Zimea Parliament Example

An EXAMPLE how the parliament could look.

These parties can then be voted into parliament by any citizen. [2]

In parliament these parties can add, remove or change laws, change the ideology of the country, invest money, hold referendums/ polls and more.

For most of these a majority of the parliament has to agree with the change though. After wich the idea gets to the president who has the final vote on things and could veto anything.

Such parties can be created by any citizen over the age of 16 whom has at least 3 others to create the party with.



Main island without buildings.

Zimea has currently claimed an underwater mountain in the Atlantic Ocean where the main Island will later be build.

The Island will have an estimated scope of ~9.9km and an area of ~4km²

The Island lies between Baja California Sur and Hawaii

at 20.246737, -130.836182

The Mountain could be a volcano.
Bbb mit lables

Main island with buildings & Labels


Main island measurements.

Territory outside the Main Island

Claimed Island

The Message left besides a Flag (Written in English, German, New & Old Zimeisch)

Zimea doesn't fully claim territory outside the main island(s)[3] Zimea claims Territory which would otherwise belong to other countries only partially which means that the country the territory originally belongs to can for example still enforce its laws.

The Country the Territory originally belongs to could also protest about the claim and Zimea would give it back.

Important to note is that Zimea will only claim Islands.

Island in Hamburg

Zimea has also claimed an island in Germany, Hamburg.

The Zimeisch name "Elbe Reôt Zibê Kierp" translated in to English means "Elbe river island territory"

The Island has a scope ~40m and an area of ~75m², but some of this area is under water during flood.

The island is completely accessible by foot during the ebb.



The First succeeding expedition took 2 houres on the 27.09.2018.

The first flag was plated an the 03.11.2018

Claimed island in Hamburg

Reference list

  1. With a few exceptions; Full Zimean law still applies.
  2. Excluding citizens living abroad or selected high ranking government officials. Also citizens under the age of 14 and citizens in prison.
  3. Exept if it is claimed by no one else.
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